Why You Should Detox

The Detox period consists of a seven-day fruit and vegetable “fast” that will cleanse both your body and your palette, enabling you to avoid the cravings for high-glycemic foods that have been standing in the way of your weight loss success. The Detox period will also help to increase your metabolism, reset your intestinal flora and prepare you for the changes ahead.


Contraindicators for detox: Diabetics and women who are pregnant or nursing must consult with their healthcare professional before considering a detox. If you have had your gallbladder removed do not take the release tabs (the hard pills in the  Nutriclean detox kit).

• Do not engage in strenuous exercise during Detox Week; moderate activity, such as walking, stretching and yoga are permissible.


• No processed foods, No caffeine. Just warm lemon water in the mornings and eat fruits and vegetables through out the day. Eat vegetables as ofter as you want or need. 


• Detox foods list is in PDF form on the right of this page. 


• Aim for eight hours of sleep nightly, working in additional naps wherever possible.


• Drink a MINIMUM of two liters of water daily. More is better!


• Limit fruit to three servings daily; the vast majority of your eating should consist of vegetables.


• Eat more raw vegetables than cooked. For cooking, grilling or steaming is best.


• Although protein intake should be minimal during Detox, 2-3 oz. of lean protein (chicken,fish) is permissible as needed to help satisfy cravings and hunger.


• The TLS Detox Kit can be a great asset for making Detox more manageable and successful.


Remember, while Detox can be a challenge, it’s one of the best investments you can make toward your health and weight loss goals. This is where we lay the foundation for future success, so don’t sell yourself short! Above all else, do this for YOU, because you ARE worth it!

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After ordering your detox kit, watch the Detox video and click on the TLS tab to take your Weight Loss Profile.